The Global Movement for Change and Project Colourful is a non-profit organization headquartered in Ireland with a worldwide presence. Our mission is to enlist young people for civic leadership, provide emerging leaders with the tools and resources to be effective leaders of change and promote peaceful understanding between people of different cultures.  Ultimately, our vision is to raise a new generation of leaders who put people before power, personal gain or ideology. We believe the young of this generation – ‘Generation Obama’ – have the capacity to provide that kind of transformational leadership to solve some of the problems that have eluded previous generations.

A few years ago, young people – some of whom were barely of drinking age – orchestrated the most technologically advanced grassroots campaign in American political history, resulting in a historic outcome that once seemed impossible.  The unprecedented achievement of young people who organized for change has resonated powerfully across the globe. Building on that revolutionary spirit, we seek to harness the energy and abilities of young people to effect long lasting change on local and international issues that have eluded previous generations.

This is the generation that elected the first US President of African and Irish descent; this is the generation that stood up to powerful dictators and economic unfairness and this is the generation that has turned the page on decades of intolerance and injustice. Maybe – just maybe – this will be the generation that ends modern-day slavery, achieves peace for Israel, a home for the Palestinian people and a new beginning for Africa.

We also want to enlist renowned leaders as "Shepherds" (Statesmen, Renowned Activists, Entrepreneurs, Cultural Icons, Athletes, Celebrities, Elected Officials, Local Authorities, etc) and help them effect the change they wish to see, in ways that they cannot achieve on their own.

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