Fat belly leaders

    Samuel Onyango
    By Samuel Onyango

    It is disappointing that at this day and age, and despite the fact that Kenya has passed a new constitution that aims at ending impunity. the kenyan MPs have gone ahead and award themselves  Ksh 9.3 million each amounting to 2.1 billion for working as legislators in the last four year. Its disgusting to know that they one of the highest paid MPs in the world, they recently increased they salaries, were contemplating of increasing it again and they do not pay taxes.

    Kenya has many areas which need resources, such the health sector, the transport sector, the education sectors, implementation of the constituatuion, implementation of Vision 2030 projects the list is endless and yet our learned MPs think the best solution is to ward themselves with huge amounts of money. Its shamefull, we agree to your selfish proposals, we are watching and we will kick you out next year.

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