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    Samuel Onyango
    By Samuel Onyango Comments (2)

    2013 is electioneering year in Kenya. Every other years past, youths have been used by politicians to instill fear among opponents, bribed to give their votes and used to carry out different forms of vices. In the process some have lost their lives or become harmed. Campaigns have already started as politicians align themselves for the elections. These campagns are expected to intesify as we come closer to the election dates.

    We say: Not This Time!

    Add your voice and advocate for active particpation of young people without violence, intimidation, bribery and exploitation.

      • Patrick Chinedu Enwerem
        Patrick Chinedu Enwerem

        Dear Samuel,

        I like your post, but I want you to know that these vices you talked about are not peculiar to Kenya. It is a global problem, or better still, more of African's challenge. I participated actively in the two previous elections held in Nigeria, believe you me, the experience was discouraging. I was so demoralised to see my fellow youths been bribed with as low as 5 US Dollar. This amount was not just for them to change their minds and vote the political parties of these disgruntled politicians, but also to help them engage in ballot snatching and thuggery. We the youth need to change our mind set and work towards taking over from our fathers. If we fail to do this, I fear we may not be prepared to assume responsibilities when the time comes. Indeed, as you said, we need to say No! this time.

        • Belinda

          Hello Patrick,

          You are very right when you say that this issue is more of an African issue. Cause I've also experienced that in Cameroon. And you know it really aches me when I hear the young people complaining that there is no democracy and that the people in power are corrupt, cause during elcections these are the very youths who are given as you earlier mentioned usually a maximum of 2 USD and they go and vote in several voting stations in favour of these same politicians whom we call autocrates, dictators and corrupt. Most people say these politicians take advantage of the poverty level of our communities but I don't think 2 USD can make one survive the next 7 years and even if it did, at what cost? Cause I call this ''Selling the next 7 years for 2 USD''. 

          So I think as you rightly said, we the youths really have to change this mentality and settle for only what we want and what we think will be good for our countries/nations and Africa as a whole because NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY. 

          The next question will be how do we help in this mind or mentality changing process???

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