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    We all talk about change, we all want change, we all want to change something, we all want to change somebody. Morning, afternoon, evening it has become the song of the day on the radio, television, email and all forms of media and communication. But after all the talking, the next that follows is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CHANGE? Good question right?


    Our society of today has so many issues to deal with and we already have so many different actors of change and development, who are working on a Daily basis, at local, national & (or) international levels to contribute to improving and why not totally wiping out some, most or all of these issues. I would rather say GREAT JOB done so far by this different actors.


    It has been truely proven that Government bodies, NGOs, CIG, International Organizations, IGOs have so far played a great role in bringing about CHANGE & DEVELOPMENT but my focus is on the role played by each individual - YOU & I. The individual is the first actor in bringing about this change and development we all are seeking for. For example, it is only an individual who can decide to think and decide on the best way of achieving something rather than going into war and from the individual level, it now moves to the group, and team and then, etc... Now, the context and reality may differ, but the individual is self-conscious and can differentiate between certain acts whichb are considered socially & morally right or wrong. The biggest problem which we have today that is a big hinder to development and change is not actually poverty, HIV/AIDS, Instability, etc but the human mentality. Changing how each individual sees and considers the fight for change and development and what he/she considers his/her role in this fight. THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM AND WHERE WE HAVE TO BEGIN!!!










      • Belinda

        When we talk of the role each individual can play in bringing about change and development, people most of the time think of something big. What crosses through our minds are things like, I don't have money to run my project, I cannot provide food to all the poor people, I cannot educate all the street children, etc... but I will like to share an experience which I had when I was at the University. During my final year at the University, I joined an International student organization called AIESEC and during my first meeting, the chair of the meeting made us do a simulation around sustainable development and after that we started brain storming on the little actions which could be done or reversed so as for each member present that day during the meeting to personnally participate in this fight. At the end of the meeting I made the commitment never to throw any paper (whether plastic or not) or litter any gabbage (cups, banana peelings, etc..) on the ground but rather throw them in the dust bins. It does not require money, nor time, nor energy just a simple decision and change of mindset. I will not say it was all easy because I was already use to the habit of littering gabbage anywhere but that is something that I tried as much as possible to follow strictly since November 2005 till date. I know it might seem really like nothing but today I am proud that as an individual I can do something in my own little way.


        Drops of water can feel an ocean, so if each and every one of us take such simple commitments then I think together we will make it.

        • Sheriffo Jarju
          Sheriffo Jarju

          Its of a great thought, because we have a total habit towards certain issues and for us to achieve this change we all yearn for our nation, country, society, continent and the world at large, we need individaul change in habit. This will lead us in achieving the change within a short period of time...

          • Belinda

            I believe that there are many of us out there, You, I , he , she, etc... who want to contribute to bringing about change and development even if it is in a very little way but do not know how to go about doing that. On the other hand, I believe that we can try, each and everyone of us to share how we think we can contribute in our own little way as individuals (as YOU & I) so that our role is felt. Just feel free to outline or suggest any activity which you think can be done or any habit that can be changed and then put in bracket which aspect of development you think we are changing or saving or improving. I will start: -

            1- Change the habit of throwing gabbage on the ground (environment)

            2- Educate 1 child - for the working individuals (Education)

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