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  • Ethiopian War

    Last updated by Samson Alemayehu
    my fellow friends and Ethiopians, around the Glob. how are you doing. I hope you all are doing great. Today I come here to let you know that war is going on my country Ethiopia . This war has caused a lot of destructions in that country. peoples...
  • Youths World International

    Last updated by FRANCIS FON TEBOH Comments (3)
    Hello welcome to Youthsworld, we 're a network forworld youths ,creating platforms and forums for empowering each other through sharing of both opportunities and ideas. Youthsworld seek to put youths voices into practical action and and put world...
  • The voice of Hope

    Last updated by Elangwe Christina Comments (1)
    Hello everybody, If we look at our world today we can see that there is a lot of despair and hopelessness around. Life is getting more and more difficult, there is a rising tide of unemployment, things seem to be getting more and more expensive in...

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