Here's an overview of our major programs and activities:

School of Leaders

The School of Leaders training program consists of Lectures; Study Circles;  Be The Change workshops; Youth-Senior Connections that provide opportunities for the young and old to exchange experiences and Practical Courses on Discovering your Assignment, Organizing for Change, Leading Change, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, Advocacy, Media Relations, Fundraising, Social Enterprise, etc.

This training leads to the Certificate in Civic Leadership. The goal is not the attainment of the certificate, even though it is a valuable recognition that the emerging leader has demonstrated a commitment to leadership that is inclusive, tolerant, seeks dialogue over confrontation and is judged by service to humanity, putting people first before power and personal gain.


Faith, Colour and Culture

This program consists of interfaith forums, house parties and innovative events that bring together people of different cultures, faiths, social and political ideologies to bridge the gap on hot issues like homophobia, racism, tribalism, anti-semitism, gender discrimination and disability.

The aim of this program is to promote tolerance and social inclusion, foster greater understanding between people of different cultures and promote peaceful understanding between the religions of the world particularly the 3 faiths that share a common Abrahamic heritage.


Citizen Engagement

An engaged citizenry is the key to healthy communities. This program involves activating citizens’ participation in decision-making and problem-solving at all levels and nurturing democratic processes. This is where aspiring leaders put to practice the skills learned at the School of Leaders and earn Civic Points towards attainment of the Certificate in Civic Leadership.

We do not dictate projects to the leaders we cultivate. Rather, we facilitate their engagement in civic and humanitarian projects that they conceived based on their own vision and in accordance with the change they want to see in the world.


International Gathering of Leaders

The International Gathering of Leaders (IGoL) is an annual program that brings together hundreds of emerging leaders of change from more than seventy countries around world. The ten day program will include thematic workshops, round-table discussions, cultural programs, an international street festival among other activities. The slogan for the event depends on the host country. In Ireland, it is ‘Is Feidir Linn’, which means ‘Yes We Can’.

The aim of the program is to foster tolerance and understanding among future leaders of the different nations of the world and provide them a platform to share their achievements and challenges on a world stage.



We are in desperate need of leaders who will pass the baton while they still have strength to cheer” - Raymond Woodward.

The Shepherds program connects seasoned activists and renowned leaders who are role models, with emerging leaders who have the ability to continue to make progress on the good work. With guidance and oversight from the Global Movement for Change, shepherds are paired with protégées based on shared interests and aspirations.

We want to recognize the achievements of leaders on whose shoulders we stand and give them the opportunity to multiply the impact of their work by mentoring and passing on the experience they have gathered over the years to a new generation of leaders who will carry on the baton.


If you’re ready to step up to leadership, please write to lead@globalmovementforchange.com and tell us about yourself.

If you have the experience to Shepherd one of our young leaders, please write to shepherds@globalmovementforchange.com and tell us about your work and the issue(s) you’re most passionate about.