• School of Leaders

    Seminars and training programs designed to give young people (and the young at heart) the skills and knowledge to step up as leaders in their communities.

    This program consists of study circles; seminars and lectures in schools and universities; youth-senior connection events to provide opportunities for the young and old to exchange experiences and knowledge; and practical courses on leadership, advocacy, organizing, social enterprise, etc.

  • Faith and Color

    The world needs leaders who can breach the religious, cultural and racial divides of our time. This program consists of local events that focus on bringing people of different faiths, race and ideology together around issues that unite us so that our common humanity is revealed.

    This program takes a unique approach to the issue of culture, race and sexuality and aims to foster greater understanding between the major religions that are at the center of so much discord.

  • Citizen Engagement

    An engaged citizenry is the key to healthy communities. This program involves activating citizens’ participation in decision-making at all levels and nurturing democratic processes.

    The program includes volunteering, youth social entrepreneurship, voter education, initiating direct conversations between elected officials and their constituents, rating candidates for elected office, organizing around hot issue using tools such as Petitioning, Letter writing and persuasion.

  • International Gathering

    The International Gathering of 'Generation O' Leaders is an annual program that brings together hundreds of aspiring and current leaders of change from more than seventy countries around world. The 10-day program will include thematic workshops, cultural programs, and an international street festival.

    The aim is to foster tolerance and understanding among future leaders of the different nations of the world and provide a platform to chare their achievements and challenges.

  • Shepherd Leadership

    The shepherds program connects seasoned activists, entrepreneurs, and renowned leaders who wish to multiply the impact of their humanitarian contribution by mentoring aspiring young leaders and change-makers who have the ability to continue this work and make continuing progress.

    With guidance and oversight from the Global Movement for Change, shepherds are paired with protégées based on shared interests and aspirations.


Welcome to the Global Movement for Change and Project Colourful

Our vision is to inspire a new generation of leaders who will effect transformational change: from small meaningful change that makes a difference in the lives of ordinary people, to big change that impacts the global future. Select your country on the map and interact with other "Generation O" leaders.

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