Samson Alemayehu

Brief description: Founder of Human Rights and Justice for All, Ethiopia.

About me

               I am aperson working on movement of  change for thr regional arm ethiopiaas amoderator and founder of thise humqan right and justice for all ethiopia organization who blives in truth always blive in change and creat what i can in my potential actually am not that much creative in exeption to legal areas how ever i also like to help peopleswho are agrrived and also as individual i have no no place for liers . please be tuth full for your self and GOD and we can make the change and be abig leaders on every aspects.

 then after we re transformed in our minds we can change others our country the wold even the whole universe.

human right is about every nature and aspect of life it is inter related to poverty eradication socio economic and cultural rights and also polotical wrights and rights are given to human from birth till death and it has to not be deprived so i work to stop unjustice ,stop deprivation of rights by diffrent clasees etc .......

           we hate terrors but we blive and co operate with peace fulls


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