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  • Kenya Movement for Change

    Kenya Movement for Change

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    • Winstone Edward Odhiambo

      Winstone Edward Odhiambo

      Location: Kenya

      • Paul Ndetei

        Paul Ndetei

        Location: Kenya

        • Samuel Onyango

          Samuel Onyango

          I am a young kenyan geared towards making the world around me a better place for me and you. I am willing to work with and seeking like minded people from anywhere in the world to take this journey with me.

          Location: Kenya

          • Samuel Onyango

            Not This Time

            2013 is electioneering year in Kenya. Every other years past, youths have been used by politicians to instill fear among opponents, bribed to give their votes and used to carry out different forms of vices. In the process some have lost their lives or become harmed. Campaigns have already started...

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          • Kenya Slum Youths Development Organization (KESYDO)

            Kenya Slum Youths Development Organization (KESYDO)

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